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Is your heating system ready for winter?

It may be hard to believe, but winter is indeed coming. As usual, we’ll delay putting the heating on full bung and fiddle with the radiators to make sure there is no air in them. Hopefully all will be well and the jumpers don’t need to be layered!Early preparation is key. Now is the perfect time to

  • Arrange a visit from a GasSafe registered engineer to check over the gas boiler
  • Don’t just stop at the boiler, have a check at the radiators to make sure there are no cold spots or signs of leaks
  • Check the outside of the house – it won’t be long until you rarely see it in daylight
    • Loose roof tiles can cause major problems in bad weather
    • Leaking connections or damp patches on the wall at gutters or down pipes should be dealt with before the temperature really drops
    • Where did all those leaves go from the tall trees at the back of the house, have the gutters cleaned out and make sure water is running away properly to the drains

Energy costs are often a a major talking point when the heating is on for longer and technology can play it’s part in helping minimise the spending.

The variety of controls is constantly expanding and ranges from the wireless thermostat to the fully integrated Smart house.

  • Individual radiators can have timed thermostatic valves, allowing each room to have heat at different times of the day instead of having to go round the house turning valves up and down
  • Radiators can be linked to a central controller and altered from the comfort of your sofa
  • The whole heating system can be linked to an app to allow full control from anywhere you have internet access
  • The whole house can be linked to an app to allow control of heating, lighting, tumble dryers, sockets…the options are endless!

Cost savings might not be the first thing that comes to mind when all this is first discussed, it certainly won’t save you money in the 1st year, but over time you will see benefits on your bills.

Smart home company Netatmo have stylish Smart Radiator Valves. These valves promise to help users cut down on their energy consumption or your money back! The bathroom heating schedule can be set so that your morning shower will always be toasty, and your living room can be kept at a comfortable temperature when you return home for the day.

Netatmo_02We have already fitted the Danfoss Eco valve and Honeywell EvoHome systems for customers. Each has it’s benefits and is suited for different households, depending on what type of boiler you currently have. We’re happy to talk over the options that best suit you for the above or any other Smart heating controls on the market and can send somebody to your home for a boiler check or any other winter preparation that needs ticked off your list.Please give us a call on 0141 647 6316 to discuss further


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