Connected controls

Not long ago we used to be watching TV, get bored, stand up, walk to the box in the corner and press the button to change channel!

If we did that these days we’d be super fit as we scrolled through all the channels trying to find the one program worth watching.

Connected controls are the remote control of the heating system world. No need to fiddle about with the dial in the hall, no need to even be at home anymore.

There are many models on the market, all having their own benefits. Some are better suited to less tech savy users, some are better for the latest app that lets you control your boiler from your watch. All do the same thing – boiler on, boiler off, heating up, heating down – #simples

But it’s not that simple of course. If you already have Alexa running your life then look out for the controller that integrates with Alexa, same for Google Home. Nest has a learning thermostat that pays attention to what you’ve been doing with the heating controls and then starts to do it for you.

If you follow the same routine (nearly) all the time then you probably don’t need a connected controller, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice bit of tech. A lot of brands have versions that don’t connect to the internet but do have other advantages over the old dial thermostat. The Ideal Touch controller comes with a stand instead of needing to be wall mounted, so you can set the temperature from whatever room you’re in, not the hall you’ve just walked through.

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